Attraction & Selection


Attracting & Selecting

BA has the ability and resources to staff projects of any size, scope, technology, and industry vertical. Our proprietary database provides us access to highly qualified engineers and developers with a broad range of skill sets.

BA’s tremendous success in staffing lies primarily in two areas: the quality and experience of our site managers; and the stringent recruitment standards, single digit hiring ratio that is a result of extensive one-on-one personal interviews with prospective employees. Our management personnel are industry certified in their functional areas and help develop the training needed to expand and enhance technical skills and create a well-rounded team.

That said we are into:

  • Retained Executive Search
  • Mid & Senior Level Recruitment Solutions
  • Campus Recruitment & Bulk Hiring Solutions
  • Large Turnkey based Hiring Solutions
  • Training Solutions (technical and behavioural)
  • HR Consulting Solutions
  • Staffing Solutions
  • HR Back office services
  • RPO